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Functions such as chewing, speaking, laughing are some of the indispensable parts of a person’s life. The care of the oral region where these functions are performed is often neglected. That’s why total dental care is very important for everyone. Total dental care; It covers routine dental calculus cleaning, airflow (stain cleaning with the help of pressurized powder), polish, tongue cleaning, dental floss, flouride implementation and tooth care and oral hygiene training.

For example, an increase in the stress level in a person’s life or having a busy day can cause a shorter tooth brushing time. Therefore, bacterial plaques remaining in the back and inner areas can turn into dental calculus over time. In addition, the formation of stains progresses rapidly with tea, coffee or cigarette consumed during the day. As these factors progress, the oral care of the person becomes insufficient and needs a specialist.

Ultrasonic tools are used in total dental care and if they are used incorrectly by non-experts, they can cause micro-scratches on the tooth surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing processes performed by a specialist with the right technique do not harm and are an extremely important process for dental and gingival health.

What Implemantations Does Total Dental Care Include?

First, the lip area is moistened because it should not dry out during the procedures to be performed. Then the tartar is cleaned. With Air-flow (tooth cleaning powder,tooth gaps and stains are cleaned. Then, the tooth surfaces are polished with the help of a special paste and brush. Then the surface of the tongue, which is the place with the most bacteria in the mouth, is cleaned. Dental floss is applied between all teeth for control and learning. Finally, the tooth enamel is strengthened with fluorine gel and the patient is taught how to care for the mouth by the specialist. All these processes are completed in an average of 30-45 minutes.

During total dental care, the person does not feel pain. However, there may be a slight pain sensation in areas with gingival recession or gingivitis.

No anesthesia is required in total dental care, unless the cleaning of the stones under the gingiva and the correction of the root surface are required.

After this care, when the discoloration and tartar in the teeth are removed, a more spacious appearance emerges and the teeth regain their own color. After total dental care, the teeth do not become whiter than their own color. For this, the person must apply for a whitening application.

Who Can Have Total Dental Care?

There is no specific age limit to have this application done. It can even be applied superficially to milk teeth. It can also be done during pregnancy. Since the gums are more hyperemic and edematous due to hormones, bleeding may be more than normal, but there is no problem. Expectant mothers can have total care in the period between 3-6 months.

What are the Advantages of Total Dental Care?

If the person does not have a condition caused by a genetic disorder, bad breath and bleeding caused by gum problems can be treated with total dental care. In addition, fluor gelimplentations, which is a stage of total dental care, makes the teeth more resistant to caries. Finally, after the care, the person’s self-confidence is restored, they have an aesthetic smile and healthy teeth.

How Often Should Total Dental Care Be Performed?

It may vary from person to person. The caring period is determined according to the gap between the teeth and the cleaning difficulty due to this situation, the oral care habits of the person, genetic factors and the frequency of use of substances that will leave stains (tea, coffee, cigarettes). If deemed necessary as a result of physician controls every 6 months, total care is performed.