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Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. A person with a beautiful smile is one step ahead in his social or business life. Today, it has become possible to have a beautiful smile as a result of some applications to be carried out for the needs of the person.

In the Hollywood smile application, one of the most popular applications of recent times, the appearance of the lips, teeth and gums is examined and it is aimed to give the person a perfect appearance.

Problems such as broken or crooked teeth, gingival disorders, dental alignment disorders are detected and treated before the hollywood smile application and the application is started.

How Should Hollywood Smile Be?

The front teeth in the upper jaw should be straight. The 2 incisor teeth in the upper middle part should be slightly ahead. In addition, during the smile, including the 1st grinder tooth in the upper teeth should be visible. In addition, the upper gingiva should be visible by 2 mm and the lips should be opened symmetrically.

What are the Advantages of the Hollywood Smile?

One of its biggest advantages is that it gives the person self-confidence. Because a person who has a Hollywood smile application will feel more dynamic and younger. In addition, the teeth of the person are given a symmetrical and white appearance. Teeth and gums also have an aesthetic appearance. Finally, all these procedures will bring the person’s mouth closure to a correct shape.

What Apps Does Hollywood Smile Cover?

Porcelain Laminated Implementation; This application cannot be made for people with crooked teeth, clenching problems or jaw problems. First, these problems are eliminated and then the implementation is carried out. In this process, laminate veneers are adhered to the front surface of the teeth with or without abrasiveness. However, if the shape and array of the teeth are suitable, only whitening is done to the person.

Zirconium Porcelain Implementation: Zirconium porcelain is applied instead of porcelain laminate to people who have fractures or deficiencies in their front teeth. Because this filling application gives the teeth a natural appearance.

Teeth whitening; Tooth whitening, also known as bleaching, is applied to people who have color problems in their teeth. This process is completed in a single session.

Gum Aesthetics; If the person has any discomfort related to the gingiva, those problems are eliminated first, or if the gingiva appears too much during the smile, the gingiva is cut a little to achieve the appropriate image. With the technique called Erbium laser, the gums are brought to the desired size without the need for surgery.

Dental Implants; It is defined as the placement of screw-shaped artificial tooth roots made of titanium into the jawbone. Then, removable prostheses or bridges are placed on these implants and the existing gaps in the teeth are filled. For example, dental implant implementation is required for the extension of the upper 2 incisor teeth, which are part of the Hollywood smile.

How Long Does the Hollywood Smile Implementation Take?

In the Hollywood Smile Implementation, teeth and gum problems are eliminated first, if the person has one. If the laminate porcelain process is to be performed later, the treatment takes 5 to 10 days, and if zirconium porcelain is to be applied, the treatment takes 7 to 14 days. For this reason, the treatment time of the hollywood smile application varies from person to person.

What to do for aftercare of Hollywood Smile?

Like routine dental care, the person should brush their teeth twice a day and use dental floss for diastema care. Apart from that, he should go for a check-up every 6 months. Finally, people who have had porcelain laminate implementation should stay away from stiff foods because laminate veneers have a more fragile structure.