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Smile design is a complete treatment method in which deformities in the teeth, changes in the gingiva and color irregularities for different reasons are given an aesthetic appearance by evaluating the needs and facial structure of the patient. Although it is presented under many names and with different marketing techniques, the transactions are actually the same. It is useful to know that all definitions such as Hollywood smile, dental aesthetics, digital dental aesthetics serve the same procedures.

What Procedures Are Performed in Smile Design?

In smile design, each patient is evaluated individually. Along with the needs, planning is made according to the patient’s facial structure, age and gender. Tooth and gum disease can be treated, decayed teeth can be repaired, and cleaning is often needed. Smile design includes gingival aesthetics, which we call gingivectomy, teeth whitening, which we call bleaching, implants for missing teeth, orthodontic treatments for crooked teeth, as well as procedures such as laminated, zirconium, aesthetic filling.

How to Design a Smile?

Before starting the smile design, the patient’s complaints and needs are examined. The procedures to be performed should be determined and a treatment plan should be established. Models are prepared with the measurements taken from the mouth, then adaptations are made from computer programs with the mouth and face photographs. After the needs are determined and the planning is prepared, if necessary, first orthodontic treatments are applied, then the symmetry disorders in the gingiva are corrected. If there is a missing tooth, the implant is applied and the healing process of all surgical applications is expected. After the healing is achieved, tooth whitening, filling, and if the filling is insufficient, veneer procedures are performed. All these procedures are done with rehearsals, in communication with the patient, considering the lip and face shape.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be done in two ways as office-type whitening and home-type whitening Office type whitening always gives more effective results than home-type. In the office type whitening process performed under the control of a specialist in our clinic, a whitening drug and a LED light source are used. Thanks to the light interacting with the gel, the color tone on the tooth surface is brightened. For more information, you can read our teeth whitening article.

Gum aesthetics (Pink aesthetics)

For a good smile, it is important that the gums look healthy and aesthetic. Therefore, an important part of smile aesthetics is gingival aesthetics, which we also call pink aesthetics. Considering the smile line and the size of the teeth, gingivectomy can be done by cutting the gums and lengthening the teeth by gingivoplasty. In this way, gingival visibility can be reduced and asymmetries in the gingiva can be corrected. For more information, you can read our gum aesthetics article.


Dental implants; They are titanium screws placed inside the jawbone, used to replace missing teeth. Implant treatment is generally preferred in the presence of missing teeth that impair tooth and smile aesthetics. For more information, you can read our dental implant article.

Porcelain laminate

The process of bonding the veneers without cutting the teeth, only by making minimal thinning on the front surfaces, is called porcelain laminated veneer. This method can be applied in extreme color changes, structure and deformities, and in joining seperated teeth. Since they are very thin, there is no thickened appearance. For more information, you can read our porcelain laminated veneer article.

Zirconium coating

Zirconium coatings, on the other hand, are another coating method that is highly preferred due to its light reflecting feature and durability. It consists of a white substance, does not contain metal, is compatible with the oral tissue. It can be used in the back teeth as well as in the veneer of the anterior teeth for an aesthetic and white appearance and is preferred in the restoration of decayed teeth.

Aesthetic filling

In aesthetic filling, teeth that are broken or partially destroyed due to caries are filled with filling material with natural tooth color. It does not look as bad as in amalgam filling, a more natural and aesthetic smile design is obtained. For more information, you can read our aesthetic filling article.

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments are essential for a good smile design. With these treatments, crooked teeth are corrected. Braces or non-wired orthodontic methods, the frequency of use of which has increased in recent years, can be preferred. For more information about braces, you can read our braces article, for more information about braces, you can read our invisaling article.

In order to complete the smile design, medical aesthetic procedures can also be applied to the lip and face areas, as well as mouth and dental aesthetics, so that the smile can be brought to the fore.