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Dental Aesthetics and Tooth Crystal/Tooth Gem

Having an aesthetic appearance while chatting with someone or making a presentation in a place is very effective for better communication. For this reason, a beautiful image is one of the most important factors affecting social life, and an attractive smile increases one’s self-confidence. Dental aesthetics, which has been very popular recently, is a method used to give an aesthetic appearance to a person’s smile.

In this treatment method, in order for the person to have the most beautiful smile; a proportional assessment of the face, the components of the mouth and the expectation of the person are considered together. Thanks to the aesthetic analyzes that the dentist deems necessary, a result is reached and the treatment is started.

Today, in the application of dental aesthetics, which aims to eliminate the aesthetic concerns that develop in people, both conventional, that is, classical methods and formations with advanced technology are used.

dental aesthetics; It includes teeth whitening, smile aesthetics, implant implemantations, gum aesthetics, composite bonding and porcelain laminate procedures. In addition to these, tooth gem is one of the sub-titles of dental aesthetics.

Tooth Gem, also known as dental diamond, is a procedure preferred by those who want to add an aesthetic glow to their smile. The crystals adhered to the tooth surface are adhered to the tooth surface with a special technique and do not cause any corrosion on the surface of the tooth.

Before the tooth gem is applied, the person’s oral and dental health must be in proper condition, or if not, necessary procedures must be performed. For example, tooth crystals will look better in people with white teeth. Therefore, first of all, dental plaques should be cleaned, free from caries and teeth whitening should be applied.

The tooth gem is attached to the tooth surface using special adhesives. Therefore, the chances of falling are very difficult. But even if it is dropped, it can be reattached afterwards. Dental crystals can be applied to people of all ages and this implemantation should be done by dentists.

How To Attach Tooth Gem?

In the tooth gem implemantation, first of all, the part of the crystal that will come to the tooth surface is abraded very slightly. It can be used for many years as a small amount of abrasion is applied. It is then adhered to the desired tooth of the person with the help of special adhesives.

The tooth gem implemantation time is very short. After a filing and bonding session that will take about 15 to 20 minutes, the person can easily continue his daily life.

When the tooth gem is desired to be removed, after the removal process, polish is applied to the surface of the tooth according to the procedure and the tooth is restored to its old appearance.

Is Tooth Gem Harmful?

It is absolutely necessary to go to a dentist to have a dental crystal fitted. There are dental crystals on the market that can be adhered by the person himself, but the adhesive material is not the same as the adhesive used by the dentist. Therefore, the stone may cause permanent discoloration or damage to your teeth. However, the dental crystal application made by the dentist does not have any harm or side effects.

What are the Advantages of Tooth Gem?

Teeth Gems are very advantageous for anyone who wants a difference in their smile and appearance. Thanks to Tooth Gem, the person gets a remarkable smile and an aesthetic appearance. In addition, since the teeth whitening process is performed before the crystal process, the person also has white teeth.

How Should Tooth Gem Care Be?

The person does not need to do any special care other than daily oral care.

Does Tooth Gem Fall Out Over Time?

Since it is located on the tooth surface, there is a risk of falling if it is forced excessively due to biting movements. However, the fall does not harm the tooth of the person and in case of falling, it can be re-glued.