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Dental filling; It is the process of renewing broken, cracked or decayed teeth using various materials. This method prevents the person from losing their tooth completely.

Aesthetic filling is also used to restore the losses in dental tissues due to various reasons. Aesthetic filling applications are made in both anterior and posterior teeth, and these are composite filling applications in the color of the teeth. The reason why the aesthetic filling is the most preferred filling is that the person cannot distinguish the filling from his own tooth and has a natural appearance.

In teeth, composite material and filling material with the color of the person’s tooth are used, and the composite filling is hardened with the help of halogen light and chemically bonded to the tooth.

Aesthetic filling treatment, which is usually applied to broken or decayed teeth, is also used to close the gap between the teeth, to have an aesthetic smile or to treat permanent discolorations.

Aesthetic fillings that provide natural tooth function are applied in 2 ways:

Composite Filling: It is the most commonly used filling type. The composite filling, which is in the form of paste, is hardened with the help of special Xrays after it is applied to the tooth. Composite filling looks aesthetically pleasing because these fillings are produced according to the tooth tone.

Porcelain Filling: Porcelain fillings have been developed to complete the deficiencies of composite fillings. Because a little shrinkage occurs during hardening in composite fillings, porcelain filling is used. Therefore, it is generally preferred in anterior tooth filling. In addition, it has a longer life than composite fillings. Other advantages are that it is not affected by substances that cause discoloration on the teeth, such as tea, coffee or cigarettes, and that there is no chance of error since digital cameras are used.

It is a great advantage that the aesthetic filling looks natural and is applied in a single session. It can be applied to patients of all ages. As long as you do not neglect your daily oral care, aesthetic fillings can be used for 5-10 years.