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Wire-free orthodontics, also known as “invisalign”, is a treatment applied to straighten teeth with transparent plaques made for the teeth of the person. This treatment method, which is suitable for both children and adults, is generally preferred for adult and moderate tooth crowding.

Invisalign treatment is the most preferred treatment method for those who do not want to wear braces. It removes aesthetic concerns and the person can put it on and off whenever he wants. Transparent dental plaque is not applied in cases where only tooth extraction is required. These are usually the situations where the jaw bone level, supporting tissues are reduced, and the diseases of these tissues.

What are the Advantages of Wireless/Transparent Orthodontics?

The most important advantage is that it does not cause an aesthetically bad appearance. In case of a meeting or a special day, it relaxes the person both in terms of speech and appearance. In addition, the tool used in the wireless orthodontic method is practical. In addition, in normal braces treatment, the force given to the teeth with the help of wires causes pain, but in invisalign treatment, the feeling of pain is minimized with weekly replacement plates.

Thanks to its ability to put on and take off, the person does not need to change their eating habits. In addition, thanks to this feature, it does not make a difference in tooth brushing, mouthwash or dental floss use and does not interfere with the person’s oral care.

How is Wireless/Transparent Orthodontic Treatment Performed?

At the beginning, necessary controls are made by the expert. It is determined whether the person’s teeth and mouth structure are suitable for this treatment method. Then, the duration of the treatment and the number of plaques to be used are decided by the specialist.

Transparent plaques are given as a set to the person who will start the Invisalign treatment. These plates are changed weekly and their usage period is 15 days. Each plaque creates 0.05 mm of movement in the teeth. Plates need to be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day. That is, it is recommended that the person remove their plaque only while eating. Regular use of plaque is very important. Finally, the examinations of this treatment are more frequent than the examinations of other treatments and should not be interrupted.

What Should Be Considered in Wireless/Transparent Orthodontic Treatment?

The most important issue is that the plates should be attached for at least 20 hours a day. Because in orthodontic treatments, a continuous force should be applied to the teeth.

The second important issue is plaque cleaning. A person should definitely brush their teeth before the plaques that are removed after eating are put on. In addition, the cleaning of plaques should be done daily. It is sufficient to clean the plaques that are changed weekly with the help of hot water and an unused toothbrush. However, if the plates are to be used for a longer period of time, the plates should be cleaned by keeping them in water with special cleaning particles.

Another curious issue is whether coloring products such as tea, coffee and cigarettes change the color of the plaque. In long-term use, the color of the plaque may change, but since the plaques are changed weekly, no coloration is observed.

What is the Difference Between Transparent Braces and Transparent Plaques?

The most important difference between the two treatment methods; While brackets and wires are used in the treatment of transparent braces, the use of a removable plaque by taking the mold of the person’s teeth in transparent plaques. But here is another situation. People who are bored with plaque treatment can easily remove their plaques, but even a short break of plaque treatment causes the treatment process to be very long. Those who receive clear wire treatment may not wear their elastics for a few days when they get bored with their treatment, but this does not cause regression in their treatment as much as those who use clear braces experience. Therefore, braces are used in more complicated cases.

Transparent plaque treatment is more suitable for people with gum problems or smaller crowding in their teeth. Braces treatment, on the other hand, is preferred in cases that require large gaps and large root movements.